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Welcome to the Chaplaincy Conference

Conference Date: August 30 - 31, 2018
Conference Site: Hilton Americas Hotel, 1600 Lamar St, Houston TX 77010
For Questions contact: diane@isna.net or call (317) 839.8157 Ext 816

Registration Fee:

Chaplains $75; Chaplain Candidates $75; Lay Leaders $50

Refund Deadline is Aug 15, 2018.

Hotel Rooms:

ISNA has arranged discounted rooms at the following hotels:

   * Marriott Marquis Houston located at 1777 Walker Street, Houston TX 77010. You will see hotel room reservation information at the end of your conference registration. 

Disclaimer Notice:

We are committed to providing a safe environment to all conference attendees. To ensure this, ISNA holds the right to ask any participant to leave for maintaining order at the conference. By registering for this conference you agree that if you or a member of your group cause any disturbance, you or that member will leave the conference center on the order of ISNA official. The judgment of term "disturbance" will be determined solely by ISNA.

Individuals attending ISNA events may be audiotaped, videotaped, or photographed during the course of this conference.  By registering you grant permission to ISNA to broadcast, webcast, publish, or otherwise report these materials for use by ISNA.  Your email will be included in the ISNA e-list serve.  You will have the option to opt-out from this list.

Event Date: August 30-31, 2018